Amir Liaquat insulting Tahir Shah(singer of eye to eye) live on Geo Tv in his transmission (Aman Ramzan)

July 26, 2013 11:39 amViews: 26




Dr Amir Liaquat in his live show insulted Tahir Shah during his live after Transmission to underestimate him in front of audience and make fun of his singing. Insulting Video

Dr Amir Liaquat is supposed to be a religious man but our religion also motivate us to respect guest but he insulted tahir shah(singer of eye to eye).

He first welcomed him and then ask him to sing for audience so that he can underestimate him in front of audience and all around the world.He just want to increase the TRP of his show nothing else.Such action must be reported or condemned.Tahir shah was obviously sweating  due to such disrespect.Never had any respect or trust for this Amir Liaquat.Shame on this guy to insult his guest on an ISLAMIC TV show.Religion is an entity that is now transformed into an Industry and recent Ramazan Transmissions have shown that Religion is just a tool to gain profits and nothing else.


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